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Sell ​​what you do not need – now grown child of his clothes?

noviembre 19, 2019

According to them, a certificate of completion of compulsory immunization of children they represent their parents and guardians applying for admission to the municipal nurseries and kindergartens. Legal supervision of the governor questioned in connection with the resolution of numerous legal uncertainties. The WSA found it reasonable objections governor, whose assessment of Częstochowa including regulations violated law on the protection of personal data. “The issue that must also be in the visual field – the problem of preventive vaccination – it is adjusted in the appropriate settings for preventing and fighting infections and infectious diseases. These are regulations in the relevant instruments, the use of which entitled to the authorities will take action to enforce the vaccination carried out, including the launch of the enforcement proceedings “- drew the attention of the judge Stanislaw Nitecki.zobacz also missing vaccines. Approaching the renaissance of rare diseases “The problem of lack of vaccines in the Greek pharmacies affect the whole of Europe” do not want to vaccinate?

Neglect of the child’s health will dearly cost »will be more free vaccination» “It can not be that under the Act on the education system will be introduced to regulate – you can tell by the back door – with the help of which will want to get the effect from the point of view of social benefit, but normative point of view, unacceptable. The Court itself seems to realize that it took the children to vaccinations, it is a positive thing and glorious, but this obligation can be enforced only in this way that required by law. If they were not, maybe something like that would enter, but those are the rules, it is only a matter of execution. But you can not make an act of local law regulations, which are reserved for the legislator “- he added. Present at the hearing Councilor Czestochowa Jolanta Urbańska not hiding a huge disappointment. “We’re going to – I have a mandate from the President of Czestochowa – lodge a cassation appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court. I do not agree with the judgment of the court, very sorry “- told reporters.

He did not agree with the assessment that the provisions violated the law on personal data protection. “The Council of Częstochowa was only the intention to parent presented certified by the public health nurse one sentence: A child over compulsory vaccination,” – she said. In her opinion, the existing Polish law allowing parents to impose penalties on absolving itself from vaccinated children is not respected, which raises concerns about the activity and movements antyszczepionkowych cases of illnesses against which the vaccine protects. “Maybe sometimes you have to change the law so that social needs were more important than the letter of the law. In connection with the cassation appeal, we will appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw “- she said. These conclusions were drawn by the District Court in Lodz, analyzing the case of the decisions ZUS. Appellant was obligated by the pension agency to repay unduly collected benefits for a period of one month. According to ZUS woman did not fulfill the conditions for receiving a survivor’s pension because the woman has already reached the age limit 25 years, and instead study was on the occasional holiday.

Appellant was granted the right to a pension until 30 September 2014 subject to receiving instruction. On the back of the decision was the endorsement of the need to inform about the fact ZUS stop learning as well as the need to return benefits unduly collected. In the meantime, this decision was extended until the end of February 2015. The basis for this was a certificate issued by the home university appealing. She was obliged to repeat last semester. The letter indicated that the student is on leave occasional associated with its participation in the Erasmus program. Referring did not hide this fact before ZUSem itself supplied the disability authority the relevant documents.

And at the end, she graduated with a score of celującym.W mid-February 2015. ZUS suspended the payment of a survivor’s pension and demanded the return of collected for the month of performance. The court upheld the position of women and considered the appeal to be well founded. “The main objective of granting the right to a survivor’s pension is to provide a means of maintaining the children of the pensioner, which in connection with the training in school do not perform the work constitutes a source of income. Because the essence of a survivor’s pension is to enable the holding and completion of education by an authorized person. This demonstrates clearly that the necessary condition for receiving benefits in respect of survivor’s pension is learning in school “- argued. See also: Is a pension can be combined with retirement? »How to document a request to get a pension» Pensions: Single supplement and a new base amount “has been pointed Supreme Court rulings in cases concerning signature: II UKN 739/99, 414/13 and UK which show that the” time student leave of absence continues to school in the meaning, which means that it does not lose the right to a survivor’s pension, regardless of the reasons why the leave granted. The fact that the period of leave of absence “is free education at university”, and there are no obstacles to take at this time employment is not – represented against the interpretation of this provision – legal significance.

In itself, the possibility of work by the student during the leave of absence does not affect the right to a survivor’s pension, which is paid in connection with science in school, the school for working people. ” It was noted that the period of instruction in light of the provisions governing the granting of a survivor’s pension “includes not only the period of effective participation in the activities of the curriculum, but also vacation time, sick leave for school student or leave of absence for a student university, as well as gaps in education resulting from the deletion from the list of students and their re-entry against “.Mają the foregoing claims court found the appeal to be well founded and gives her right to receive a pension. Judgment of the District Court in Lodz, Synge. act: 1815-1815 VIII U The report highlights that the phone and the internet are the most important means to contact an employee staying with family in Poland, which was in the Ukraine. “And as many as 39 percentage points. Ukrainians, long-term separation from loved ones is the most difficult element of emigration. Television is part of infotainment, which also allows you to get to know better the culture of the country and listen to the language” – podkreślono.zobacz also: On the Vistula River is born more and more Ukrainians »President Krzysztof Inglot pointed out in the comment to report that many service companies appeared on the Polish labor market up to a million people from Ukraine, saw for himself the opportunity to attract a new group of customers. “They began to prepare special offers tailored to meet the needs of workers from Ukraine, translate documents into Ukrainian, and in many places appeared Ukrainian speakers consultants. All this, just to the employees reached their services across the eastern border,” – he said. The survey shows that less willing to Ukrainian workers open personal accounts in banks in Poland, although these institutions as one of the first created special offers for this group of customers. “Interestingly, the Ukrainian workers rarely send money to his family in Ukraine, does not do as much as 61 per cent. Of persons” – the report says.

The report noted that the package of insurance in Poland decides to every tenth worker from Ukraine (9 percent.). “This item is low in the hierarchy of needs of working foreigners in our country. Even less popular private medical care, which allows herself only 6 percent. Ukrainians. From the legal services uses only 1 per cent. Of persons” – added.

1. systematically Snooze – No matter how important it regularly. When you enter a habit, you do not even notice when you collect a larger amount. Putting aside 10-20 percent. his salary, which seven years will double your savings. After 14 years you catch up with the level of your life in a German or a Frenchman. “Even small amounts of deposition, but steadily can save larger amounts, with no special burden on the household budget. When after a few months, check the status of a savings account, it turns out that they do not know when we were able to collect on the trip quite pleasant. Saving can also start the deposition of “ends”, that is, small amounts of the surplus on the occasion of each payment card. This option allows the Savings Account piggy bank Getin Bank.

When paying by card, for example. 8 zł, the Bank will collect personal account rounded the amount of 10 zł. The difference, or 2 zł, will be a savings account piggy bank “- says Lukasz Malinowski, director of the Office of Personal Accounts Getin Banku.2. Choose wisely – buy more and more. Availability of all kinds of products makes it not reach for without thinking. Try to put off purchasing decisions. You want to buy new clothes?

Wait for the 24 hours. You may find that the spotted shoes did so much you do not like. Try to buy fewer things but better (more gain tracking sales) – once you spend more, but ultimately it will be good for your portfela.3. Sell ​​what you do not need – now grown child of his clothes? Sell ​​it or replace it.

Use the local group buying, look for the opportunity to auction or sales portals. Remember that even small amounts are important, because in the long run can add up to substantial sums. 4. Be trendy – Minimalism, DIY, zero waste – something to tell you these names? It’s the hottest trends of recent months. Thanks to them, you will not only fashionable and eco, but richer. Remember that you do not need many gadgets and cosmetics and cleaning in the majority you are able to do alone.

Take care also not to waste food: plan shopping, buy only what you have on your list. 5. Take care of your health – buy better food, start to play sports – remember that prevention is cheaper than treatment). If you already happen to get sick – Buy cheaper substitute drugs and order them over the Internet – you can save a lot. Stanislaw Kalemba argued in the Third Program of Polish Radio that all situations in which irregularities occurred on the export of food, you need to thoroughly investigate. The Minister stressed that each case is examined by the veterinary services and, if necessary, for example if there is a suspicion of price-fixing or falsification of documents are informed of relevant institutions, including the ABW.

According to Stanislaw Kalemba, except for unusual cases, Polish food is very good quality, and its export is an important branch of our gospodarki.Rosyjska sanitary service stopped in Kaliningrad 12 tonnes of cheese from the Polish. The reason was suspicion of forgery labels. Earlier, the Russian ministry objected to meat and fruit from the Polish. In 2011, Russia exported 10 thousand tons of meat in 2012, it was already almost 17 thousand tons. Experts estimate that this year exports still podwoi.Bez market intervention zbóżResort agriculture does not provide for intervention cereals. Because prices are at a level comparable with the prices in Western markets. Meanwhile, according to farmers’ grain production is due to low prices nieopłacalna.Minister explained that last year in other parts of the world crops threatened by drought.

Therefore, farmers in Poland obtained high prices, this year we have to deal with the harvest, and they are comparable to the prices in the markets of other countries. Besides cereal production in 2013 has, according to Kalemba, to be about 10% higher than last year. The situation is similar on the market of rape, which was obtained this year by about 38% more, it’s a bumper crop. Hence the lower price in buying – explained the Minister Stanislaw Kalemba rolnictwa.Jednak argued that the forecasts are optimistic. In his view, all indications are that prices for cereals will go up. One of the frequently used by consumers communication channels with the telecommunications operator is a hotline or call center. During a conversation with a consultant, you can get information on the services provided and the change in force or establish the conditions of a new contract for the provision of telecommunications services.

Conversations are usually hotline recorded, which consumers are informed by the operators. From the information that reach the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection shows that consumers often do not have access to the content of the video, especially in the course of the complaint procedure. On the other hand, telecom operators in responding to complaints use the argument verification correctness of the process of concluding or changing contracts based on the recorded conversation, listen sprzedażowej.zobacz also Teleściema: Every fourth complaint relates to the Office of the telecommunications sector “- no possibility to verify the recordings from the the consumer can significantly violate his rights. The operator fact, having access to the record sales recorded conversation, made on the basis of a unilateral interpretation of the findings, which is beyond the control of the other party – explains Marek Niechciał, President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. In connection with the above irregularities in the telecom market President of UOKiK initiated explanatory proceedings against Polkomtel, Orange Poland and T-Mobile Poland verifying the scope and manner of sharing recordings of conversations sales. The Office also verified the operation of the Play network operator, P4, which as a result of the so-called. soft addressed by the Office of voluntarily changed their practice and provides consumers rozmowy.zobacz also recorded: the customer receives spam?

This operator will answer for the lack of consent “At the same time the Office reminds imposed on telecommunications companies the obligation to store and share content recording, during which there has been a change in contract terms. According to the law telecommunications service provider should consolidate subscriber statement made by means of distance communication, in particular phone. The recording should be kept to the end of the contract, and its content made available to subscribers primarily in the course of the complaint procedure. Are you planning to in the near future any changes in the education system? We are still in the course of a very serious structural and programmatic changes. Today, another big change would not make sense.

I talk with the teachers and they say openly that they do not expect me to once again reform the school. If I have already implemented some changes it will be more a correction, for example.