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More than 250 Or and dozens Deported raged : How in the IS in the Syrian province of Suweida.

enero 8, 2020

The war in Syria is full of cruel. But was happened last Wednesday in the South of the oppressed And the, is certainly one of the worst massacres in the recent years.

A terrorist command of the “Islamic state” to handle early in the Morning, in a coordinated action, the province’s capital city of Suweida, and some of the villages in the area. More than 250 people are to be like the Robbery victim. But it could be significantly more. So exactly russkaja no one can see the extent of the Horrors .

But it is clear: The jihadists had no mercy. Children, women and Old – no one was spared. And who was in their way to protect others, also died. As Muhannad. He was killed when he tried to come of people in danger of their lives to help,” says Maen Abu Ammar. Muhannad his brother was. 33 years old, he became.

The RAID was apparently planned thoroughly. Maen Abu Ammar describes it as follows: “about four o’clock in the morning there was a knock on many doors in the villages. The Stranger called out the names of those who lived in the houses. They were so well-informed. As you opened up the terrorists immediately started to kill the people.“ Whole families had been slaughtered within a few minutes slaughtered. “Some have been spared the murderer, however, probably in order to be able to report on the atrocities – as a deterrent.”

IS-squad abducted women and children.

Maen Abu Ammar was not itself, as the heavily armed death squad attacked the villages and the city. He now lives in Berlin. But all the Relatives and friends have described him favorably. His sister, right, survived with other women and children, because they could hide. In six villages and the capital of the province of the IR have raged fanatic. Including Suicide Bombings.

Maen Abu Ammars brother Muhannad, a member of a local emergency response group, got in the Morning, when the attack began, a call. Someone asked desperately for help. The “warriors of God” were already killing the streets. But no one was there, the inhabitants of assist. Muhannad was immediately on the way. About six o’clock he met in the attacked villages in a. a Short time later, he was Dead, shot down by IR-fighters.

The global organized defense militias needed several hours to distribute to the attackers. Dozens of jihadists have been killed. However, some managed to procrastinate, especially women and children, and to escape with them. Also Maen Abu Ammar confirmed. “I are not alone of 26 people fell into the IS’s hands.” The Victim came from one of them-dominated enclave North-East of Suweida. You have probably brought your hostages there .

In the province of Suweida was to the abduction of, so far, relatively quiet.

In Suweida, and the nearby villages of despair now reigns. And Fear. Because many fear, the IC could invade again. From the Director most of the felt left in the lurch, reported Maen Abu Ammar. “The following Regime of the suspect has taken a long time to come to the people with the army’s help. The people believe that they are on their own And now all the questions: How can we free our women and children? Will help us, the state really. We have no experience with war and Terror. And what you can do against him.“

The province of Suweida, the abduction of previously belonged to the relatively calm regions in Syria. Here are Druze, a religious community, which is formed of Shiite Islam, and developed a closed community life. As a Druse man is born. Convert is not possible. Is married only to each other. Suweidas Druze have managed in the last years of the war, largely to stay out of this. A revolt against ruler Bashar al-Assad in pieces in the eu there is ladies. Rather, the Druze have achieved a kind of self-contained. So were able to escape, for example, the young men often military service. By the state think-at least, there in limits is not tolerated, also because the Druze were openly against the Ruling .

IS to hit, even though he defeated” the ict.

But not only from the point of view of the IS suspected, it is advisable, if the search Regime can Transmitted to combat. Drusen are valid from the point of view of the Sunni extremists, especially as non-believers, to pursue it by all means. Maybe that was the reason to invade in the province. And this was the terrorists even though Russia, the Syrian Regime and Iran have consistently stated several times already, the IS ca defeated.

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Because nobody believes in Suweida after the attack on Wednesday. The inhabitants are scared. And you mourn the loss of their friends and relatives. How Maen Abu Ammar by his brother Muhannad.