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FIFA’s decision to implement sweeping changes to its World Cup bidding process came as little surprise to soccer fans and analysts.

marzo 6, 2020

FIFA’s <a href="" class="more-link">read more …</a>

Reveal Truth About LVS Plus The Triads, Judge Told

marzo 6, 2020

Reveal Truth About LVS Plus The Triads, Judge Told

Sheldon Adelson has spent millions purchasing US politicians, plus the public has a right to know where that money originated from, argue two motions filed in a Las Vegas court.

A Las Vegas judge has been asked to reveal the contents of a report compiled as part of the termination that is wrongful brought against the Las Vegas Sands by its former employee, Mark Jacobs.

‘The Vickers Report,’ compiled by Steve Vickers, former head of the Royal Hong Kong Police’s Criminal Intelligence Bureau, may or not contain evidence that is damning Sheldon Adelson’s LVS had company dealings with all the Hong Kong Triads as an element of its operations in Macau.

In any event, two organizations, the UK’s Guardian newspaper and non-profit watchdog the Campaign for Accountability (CFO), wish to know about it, and have filed split motions to that effect.

Jacobs, the president that is former CEO of Sands China, claims he was fired for ‘whistleblowing on improprieties,’ while Adelson claims Jacobs has made such allegations so as to blackmail LVS.

Dirty Money

Meanwhile, it’s common knowledge that triads have infiltrated the VIP junket operations from where Macau casinos derive a sizable portion of their income, but did LVS wittingly have business ties to crime that is organized?

The Guardian and CFO believe that it’s in the interest that is public find out. CFO in particular is concerned with the extent to which Adelson ‘has utilized money acqui read more …

New Jersey Voters Divided on Approving November Referendum to Bring Casinos North

marzo 6, 2020

New Jer <a href="" class="more-link">read more …</a>

Casino Fined Record $75 Million For ‘Willful’ Money Laundering Violations

marzo 6, 2020

Casino Fined Record $75 Million For ‘Willful’ Money Laundering Violations

Difficulty in Paradise: The Dynasty that is tinian Hotel Casino, where money-laundering violations had been systematic, according to FinCEN.

A Pacific Island casino has been fined a record $75 million for breach of anti-money-laundering regulations.

The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network FinCEN stated this week that the Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino in the Northern Mariana Islands ended up being guilty of a ‘willful and egregious’ flouting of this Bank Secrecy Act for failing continually to file thousands of CTR (currency transaction reports).

The islands are a territory that is unincorporated of United States and consequently liable to abide by its legislation.

Considering that the passage associated with the Money Laundering Control Act 1986 it was a requirement for all US institutions that are financial file a CTR to FinCEN for almost any currency transaction over $10,000, as a measure to combat money laundering.

The act basically eliminated the ‘right to financial privacy’ by declaring that a financial institution would no much longer be held liable for declaring dubious monetary transactions towards the authorities.

Financial Clampdown

While banking institutions have actually abided by these laws for the part that is best of 2 decades, FinCEN has recently clamped down on the casino industry, where the relationship between operator and high-rolling client has traditionally been more discre read more …