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cannabis oil – San Diego Forum

diciembre 10, 2019

cannabis oil – San Diego Forum

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Would I be permitted to go into the usa through north park airport terminal with clinically recommended cannabis oil?

Both medically and recreationally, its not legal by Federal law and that is who operates Customs/Imigration although it is legal now in the state af CA. So you need to decide if you are willing to take the risk unless you have a large quantity it more than likely wont be an issue, but it coul be.

I mightn’t risk it.

I might perhaps not state cbd it will not be a problem. They usually have drug sniffing dogs with extreme sensitivities to different drugs that are illegal. Have you thought to wait till you might be inside California to purchase it legitimately by state legislation?

talk to the US Customs please. These are the only ones who is able to provide you with the answer that is official. We could simply speculate about what could or could not happen

But Goodbeer is proper wrt federal state that is vs

United States Of America traditions will likely not accept cannabis oil to go into the United States Of America though it is legal under California law as it is against USA law even.

Usually do not bring this for a flight that is international america.

Since you will see nowhere to purchase recreationally until Jan 2018, nonetheless it are available medically, can a person buy with a prescription from outside CA now or does the Rx must have been authored by a CA prescriber, and does the in-patient have to be a CA resident?

The OP cannot purchase legally in CA until January 2018. read more …