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Agricultural News Web2.0 – Blog about modern teaching and agriculture.

abril 30, 2020

Agricultural News Web2.0 – Blog about modern teaching and agriculture.

Modern Sensors can be distinguished: weed or Crop?

In Rhineland-Palatinate, Kalenborn-Scheuern, the Federal Minister for food and agriculture, Julia Klöckner has visited, today, the company Premosys, to learn about the use of sensor technology in agriculture. Together with the University of Bonn, the company has developed the so-called “GG-Detector®”. A System that can be distinguished by means of electronic color measurement by Sensors crop of weeds. As a point allows for accurate dosing of fertilizers and plant protection products .

EIMA 2020: On the way to a “Top”output / fair for the agriculture 4.0.

The 2020 edition of EIMA International, the international exhibition for agricultural machinery, the of 11. to 15. November in Bologna takes place, is from the Exhibitor side, again a lot of interest.

Data protection-a guide for farm shop-operator – HOFdirekt.

Data protection-a guide for farm shop operator.

Brochure free Download.

Data-slip pads to the farm…and elsewhere.

Intercropping, even in the dry, no Problem – Plant – practice-Agricultural – BLE.

Drought is not a reason to abandon the cultivation of crops. The yield of the main crop is not affected by the intercrop culture negative .

cross the FIELD to a blog – coal for the field.

Coal for the field – From plant waste, a substrate that enhances soil fertility and crop yields arises. Biochar has been used thousands of years ago in South America as a fertilizer. The black powder not only improves the plant growth, but also acts as a carbon storage.

Sowing technique of Maize: Corn is different!

In Place of Corn there are in addition to the different procedures of mulch sowing, direct sowing or drill sowing seed in addition, various methods of single grain or wide seed.

Relatively new is the dam of culture in the case of Corn. Paul Steinberg, an expert consultant for Saxony, explains what you should consider in this process .

Income development: limits to growth reached?

Still, the long-standing yield trend is positive. However, after several mixed Crop and increasing the cultivation of restrictions, the doubts grow: Have we reached the limits to growth? Output is to have in the future nor of the right of Success? And what are the growth drivers to determine the future? Sven Evil has a view on this.

Michael Horsch: agriculture faces four major tasks.

The entrepreneur dares to make a prognosis of Future developments for the agriculture.

Insights into the miracle of germination –

They seem lifeless, but plant seeds lie dormant as we know, only. How to Wake up from their decades long slumber? Researchers have now.

BMEL_Strategiepapier_AckerbauAckerbaustrategie-Fields Of Action.

The fields of action of the agriculture strategy 203.